jewerly shop portable generator

Running a Jewelry Shop? Make sure you have an emergency power supply in place!

Jewelry store is the marketplace where anyone can buy jewelry. Many experts say that for successful sales and uninterrupted work of your shop one should keep a portable generator at hand.

Why do you need a portable generator?

The compact portable generator can become a real boon for the owner of the jewelry store. If you live in the area where frequent storms and hurricanes occur, it is a must-have for you. Let’s say you live in an area where winter storms are frequent. During any bad weather your shop can lose the heating and make your customers stay away from your enterprise.

One can purchase generator in several ways. You can buy an electric generator, order it via internet, catalog or buy in the store. But in order to understand which option is best for you, you should do some research. In addition, portable generators can vary greatly in price.

What peculiarities should you consider before the purchase?

Before buying a portable generator, you might want to carry out some research. You can learn about the different manufacturers and the models they offer. Some generators produce a lot of electricity while others are able to provide only a minimal amount. The owner should also take into account the amount of space occupied by the jewelry store.

Many options may depend on your own wishes in regard to the functions to be performed by the generator, as well as the size of your jeweler store. Your primary goal is to talk with other owners of power generators, to study reviews and reviews about this product, and to collect information before making a final decision. You should also carry out monitoring of prices to choose the best option for you.

What do you need to know before buying a portable generator?

There is a plethora of questions to be answered here:

– What is the power of portable generator? Will it suit your needs?

– Is it enough for the generator outlets to be connected to the network?

– What level of noise does the generator emit? Is it convenient for the shop to have it?

– Do you need a generator recoil or electric generator?

– What kind of power do you prefer: diesel or gasoline?

– What is the volume of the fuel tank and how long the generator will run with this amount?

– Is it easy to move the generator?

– What additional accessories do you want?

How can you benefit from using the generator for your business?

Having the generator can give you two benefits. First, it can protect your jewelry store from power failures. Second, if you have a portable generator, you can use it for providing electricity in dark periods of time.

Today, power failures are a common problem everywhere. Most often they arise due to the bad weather. Lightning often fall into the transformers and you can spend a lot of time to find the problem and fix it. Therefore, people often prefer to invest money in small generator to provide backup power themselves.

If you are a happy owner of a portable generator, you are able to protect your enterprise from these unpleasant situations and save a considerable amount of money.

handcrafted jewelry

What are the features of the best handcrafted jewerly?

Jewelry is a comprehensive way for people to display their individuality and accent various outfits. You can dazzle your loved ones and friends with best hand-crafted jewelry for a gift that is forever cherished. You will not just give a gift without considering its quality. For instance, there are some qualities you need to check in handcrafted jewelry that will make you buy them. These features are;


Handcrafted jewelry should be unique; no one wants the same earrings or necklaces that millions of people have. Handcrafted jewelry is unique if even if they’re the same type of product, they’re not made by machines, but human beings craft them, and therefore, each piece will have its unique characteristics. Purchasing handmade jewelry gives you the sense that they were specifically invented for you and you won’t see it anywhere else.


– They’re special because they are handmade, and when you ask a craftsman to design for you, it will just come out specially design for you unlike the ones produced by machines. Artists take a time to concentrate on each piece they create. Some even are designed in such a way that they have your name. If you want jewelry that will inspire you, check out handmade jewelry.


– Handcrafted jewelry last longer since they’re made from high-quality materials and handcrafted by trained artists. Each gem, bead, stone and metal is sorted and selected by a finicky artist. There is also an element of personal pride and its human nature. They’re not like the low-quality imported mass produced jewelry that can break easily and on top of that they can rust quickly.


– They have a personality since life is not about being blah, but it’s about expressing yourself. Mass produced jewelry don’t have personality while handmade jewelry like necklace has personality. You can choose your favorite color or gemstone from a number of choices to personalize your outlook. When you see someone else wearing your mass-produced necklace feels a bit like a betrayal to your sense of individuality. Who doesn’t want to express his/her personality?


– Handmade jewelry has good finishing. Handmade item will be sanded with decreasing grade of emery paper to give them a fine and smooth surface. They will then be polished on a motor using a polishing compound to give them a final buff while mass produced jewelry will be polished in barrels that are filled with mobile media and vibrated. This process is a more aggressive form of polishing, and it will remove sharp lines and angles.


– Handmade necklaces have artistic style. Meticulous detail is truly a sign of inspiration. Artists can be inspired by a multiple of factors, whether it’s their surroundings, loved ones or the simple beauty of nature. Artists find the right shapes, materials and cold they can mold into a beautiful, whimsical and stunning jewelry.


Handcrafted jewelry is inspiring, and each piece is unique. We feel special when we wear them, but there’s more to it than that. Handmade jewelry has the best qualities that you will never find in pieces that are produced by machines and companies. The coolest part of this jewelry that is handcrafted is that you’re wearing an interpretation of an artist’s vision.

luxurious jewelry

Best Luxury Jewelry Brands in 2016

If you are a very choosy individual and want to have the best jewelry for your collection, then you need to be prepared to pay a good price for it. Some of the leading brands that are available in the market, offer you nothing short of superior brand jewelry. Of course, all this exclusivity is at a price that might seem quite expensive for most. Below is a list of the best luxury jewelry brands that are a little high on the range, this is owing to its complete aura. Having an amazing jewelry accompanied by an exquisite hint of perfume is essential to every woman’s life.

Luxury jewelry brands to get

Harry Winston

If you are into the detail of diamonds in your jewelry, then Harry Winston has all this covered for you. It has topped the list as a grandiose and classic diamond jeweler. The brand is the most exquisite choice by most women. The American jewelry is well known in acquiring the Hope Diamond, which is accompanied by a blue rock. It is a dark blue rock that was among the largest found to carry a very long storied history, which stretches back centuries.


The first manufacturing that was made of the Cartier is the most expensive jewelry brand that you can find on this earth. A French company that was established in the year 1874. The brand has been registered to provide the royalties and celebrities the most exclusive jewelry that was ever made around. Their items have impeccable artistry, quality, style, and excellence, which has been able to attract customers since the year 1874. The signature of this brand is the panther, which was ordered by the Duchess of Windsor.

Van Cleef and Arpels

It is the first luxurious French company; a company that is inspired by the spontaneity nature has, leading to most of the creations being ornamented with animals, flowers and fairies. It is well known as the brand of grace and elegance. The company continues to push their creative boundaries with the various ingenious designs they produce. If you pay close attention, you will be able to notice that each jewelry they produce tells a story. With its continued excellence, it has led notable icons to wear their exquisite items.


The brand is world renowned due to the good quality of its Italian gold. The designers are also known for the magical touch they have, as they are able to give each jewelry they create a fabric effect. Two goldsmiths Gianmaria and Mario established the company in the year 1919. Since then, the brand has been able to stand true to its original heritage and the distinguished Roman style they use. The company mainly focuses in the creation of watches, and then naturally, the jewelry they create just turns out to be impeccable.

Tiffany and Co

The company has been known as a household name, this is since the year 1837. Since then, it has been selling nothing short of versatile classics to its loyal customers. Their creations are slightly whimsical, but they are definitely feminine and only portray elegance. Their items are ideal to be worn during a formal occasion or daytime, to ensure you flaunt the uniqueness.

how is jewerly made

How Is Jewellery Made?

Jewellery is an accessory loved by both men and women but mostly worn by women to enhance their beauty, attire and just to make them stand out. There are so many types of jewelry worn on different parts of the body.


We have necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and so many more worn in different parts of the body including around the waist. Apart from being worn in different places, jewellery also vary in terms of the material from which they are made of.


Such materials range from bones, wood, sticks, metals, beads, shells, enamel, not to mention precious stones and the materials determine the price of the jewellery and also weather the jewellery will be considered traditional or modern.


Making jewelry can be a complicated process that needs specially trained individuals and sophisticated machines or it can be a do it yourself task all depending on what you as the wearer want.


I will focus on how to make simple African jewellery, one that anyone can make and it doesn’t need any special knowledge to make. All you have to do is have the required materials and follow the simple process and you will end with a beautiful ready to wear jewelry.


You need to decide what type of jewellery you are making. Is it earrings, bracelet or necklace? The required materials include thread, and beads. The beads range from shells, wood, glass and even stones. There are many crafts shop in most African countries that sell all types of beads so you can visit and buy the beads that pleases you. These shops also sell online for those who cannot visit physically.


Once you have your materials ready, then take measurement of the part that you are making the jewellery for. If it is a necklace, get the correct measurement of your neck, and your wrist if it is a bracelet and so forth.


The beads come in a variety of colors, so if you want one with many colors make sure you create a pattern before you start so the beading will be easier and faster. The beads should also have holes that are big enough for the thread to go through, so make sure you have all those details in mind when purchasing the materials.


Once ready now cut your thread to the desired measurement and start beading. You can put small and big beads alternatively or start with big ones and then follow with the small ones; the design is all yours to decide.


The best way though to make African jewellery is to start with one bead, then the following beads should be put simultaneously on each side so that you have an end product that is well balanced.


For instance if you are making a necklace, start with one bead, then add the rest of the beads on each side of the string, with the first one bead acting as a dividing piece of the thread. So that at the end the necklace will have a right side that is a mirror image of the left side.


The beauty about making your own jewelry is that you can make a matching set which will include earrings, bracelets necklace and you match them with any attire of your liking. So get the beads, make your jewellery and be Africanized in an instant.

handmade jewelry

This Is Why You Should Only Buy Handcrafted Jewelry

You may be having of a number of jewelry-bracelet, earrings, necklace, name it. You may have either bought them or received from your friends as gifts on your birthday, wedding or any other special moment in your life. But have you ever asked yourself if they are handcrafted? And do you know the reasons as to why you are always advised to only buy handcrafted jewelry? Well. Find out from here.

To begin with, handcrafted jewelry is so unique in the sense that it is made out of profound love and care by the artists. Artists give all their attention and use their exceptional skills to come up with jewelry that will not only attract you but also fulfill the desires of your heart. Because it is a product of love unlike other jewelry that is made with machines to speed up the making process with the intention of making quick money from buyers.

Secondly, buying handcrafted jewelry is a way of supporting talent. These artists use their imaginative and creative skills to come up with an excellent work of art that really needs to be supported. By buying their items, they will be encouraged to make more amazing pieces. They will also be able to earn a living from the wonderful job they are doing. You will therefore be supporting the community of artists as you get good work of art in return.

In addition, handcrafted jewelry has a better quality as compared to jewelry items made by machines. This is because a lot of care is given by artists to each tiny piece in the crafting process. They are not in a hurry. They take their time to produce high quality jewelry that is also long lasting. Items made in factories are of low quality because emphasis is laid on quantity rather than quality so that they can sell more.

Furthermore, you should buy handcrafted jewelry because each piece is unique. No resemblance like those made in factories by machines. Each piece has manually been crafted by an artist. He ensures that he uses a different one to achieve variety in order to come up with a beautiful and spectacular piece. This will give you an assurance that you will not encounter other people wearing the same jewelry like yours. Handcrafted jewelry therefore gives you a sense of style.

This jewelry is also customizable. You can talk to an artist so that he can make jewelry according to your preferred color and size. This makes handcrafted jewelry the best fit for you.


Handcrafted jewelry is environmentally friendly. It does not pollute the environment because it is made from natural products like wood as opposed to artificial pieces which cause pollution to the environment because they are non-biodegradable.

Last but not the least, handcrafted jewelry makes the best gifts as opposed to the artificial one. This is because it is specially made by human hands, is unique and extremely beautiful.

In conclusion, you should always consider buying handcrafted jewelry. This is because it is of excellent quality, unique and customizable. It is also a way of supporting the art community so that they can continue to produce incredible pieces. Handcrafted jewelry is definitely the best choice.